Last year at WPPI, I realized I wanted to do something bigger with my business. I like meeting new people and becoming apart of their lives and getting to impact them in some way. I decided to give makeovers and glamour sessions to women who have been affected by breast cancer because I had met some wonderful women who were going through the journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer and I was so touched by their strength and also saw how I could help make their journey a little easier. Soon after WPPI, Sue Bryce was on CreativeLIVE, and announced that she was going to take a girl, Jill, to Paris with her to document her story and give her a photo shoot. I was so overwhelmed by this story because I was already in the process of trying to do this for women and Jill’s story broke my heart. I have followed their trip to Paris and waited with bated breath to see images and snippets from the trip. Since they took filmmaker, Hailey Bartholomew, to Paris with them to make the documentary, I knew it was going to be amazing and told in an incredible way. This weekend Sue was back on CreativeLIVE, with Hailey, and they unveiled Jill’s documentary. Yes, it is very sad, but the point is to reach as many people as possible, have them hear Jill’s story, and educate women on detecting breast cancer. Jill is very young. 32. And may be in a better position if she had caught it sooner. We’ll never know that for sure but I do know that there is a purpose in her plight. In combination with Sue and Hailey, her story is going to reach so many people. And I just want to aid in that sharing.
I’m exicted to meet more women, take their picture, help them in some way. I’m exicted about being equiped to better tell their story after watching the course with Sue and Hailey. If I can give them one moment of feeling beautiful then I’ll feel like I’ve done my job. If you know anyone going through this, they’re welcome to come have their portrait taken. I would love to hear their story. And take a picture or two. Hopefully ones that will make them feel beautiful.
Please watch Jill’s story below. And share, share, share.
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