I was so honored to be apart of this shoot! I was blessed just being there. My husband’s cousin, Chad and his wife Marie, allowed me to be there when their first daughter, Lilly, was born! It was just an amazing experience and such as awesome thing to capture. The whole family waited outside in the waiting room for hours as we waited for baby Lilly to arrive. As soon as the time came, I headed back to capture her arrival. I cant explain to you the emotions you go through during the whole process. To see the happiness on Chad and Marie’s faces when Lilly finally arrived was so overwhelming you can’t help but shed tears. After a full day of waiting, the family was finally able to meet her and excited, they were!

Grams passing the time.

Oatmeal travels everywhere with Grams and is excited to meet Lilly too.

Anxiously waiting….

Today’s paper.

Chad obviously had control of the remote this day. Did you know they have speakers built into the beds here?!

Your bed is awaiting you, Lilly!

Finally! Time of her arrival 🙂

Nothing makes you cry like seeing a dad cry.

Proud Grandma….

Happy Aunt…

Now time to let Mom and baby sleep.

Baby Birth Hospital Photographer Dana Laymon Photography: About Me

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