I was so excited when my friend Tyler called to tell me that he just proposed to his girlfriend Brooke! I’m so excited for this couple and the journey ahead of them. Tyler is focused on missions right now and preparing to go on a trip to Sweden so we squeezed in an engagement shoot before he left. I loved this session- Tyler is such a goofball that it was hard to get him to focus sometimes…you’ll see what I mean. And Brooke is just the cutest girl. She adores Tyler and you can see it in the way she looks at him in these pictures.

So I just had to show off Tyler’s mad skills on the swingset. I got an awesome action set of him flying through the air. Very nice, Tyler.

And because not every picture turns out perfect but still worth looking at for a laugh. I think I love the pictures with imperfections even more. Their expressions are so honest!

Very nice taste, Tyler, I must say. I almost took this thing home with me.

And a wonderful ending to a wonderful shoot. Thanks guys!

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