You NEED to meet my cute little….well she’s my cousin’s baby so what does that make her to me? Well we’ll just call her my cousin’s baby. Or we could just call her by her name, Taylor. That would probably make sense wouldn’t it. She is so irrisistable. Just look at her! I recently got to spend the day with her at my grandmother’s 80th birthday.

Can I take you home with me?

Is that a yes?

Oh not the arms!

Ah the hands!

And those ears. Oh my.

You’re so cute. Why would anyone tell you “No”?

You’re messes are even cute.

Uh oh. Here comes another one.

Cute little thing, now there are 2 of you!

Well I guess I’ll see you again one day. Promise you’ll stay as cute and little as you are now. Bye for now. Bye baby rolls!

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