So it’s funny how things come about in your life. Just the most random stuff can happen that you never expect and in the weirdest way. So the other day was one of those moments. I’m in love with craigslist if you don’t know me. So the hubby and I drove to a nearby city to go pick something up I bought on craigslist (the poor things gets dragged around everywhere with me). Well the gentleman we met was with some family and one of the men asked if we wanted to see some old cars before we headed back home? Hubby and I looked at each other like “Do we say yes and be stuck here for a while or do we lie and say we have to get home for something?” The man inserted that they were just across the street so we said “yeah, sure”. Lo and behold, we were about to see one of the rarest cars on earth in mint condition in this little old building in this teeny tiny city in the middle of nowhere.

It’s called a Stout Scareb, and it was beautiful. So many cool features on it that I’ve never even seen in a classic car- basket weaved headboard, sliding moveable seats on the inside, and one door on each side but in different spots on the car…. and you might just want to look up the rest because it was cool. Then he had about 3 other classic cars in room too but just nothing as cool as this. Oh and what also makes this car special- there were only 9 made in the world, only 5 left in existence, and 1 of them was sitting right here in front of me. Very cool.

So you never know what’ll happen day to day. I know I’ll being saying “yeah, sure” from now on and see where it takes me. I’m now off to google how much that car is worth…and see if it’s worth hijacking.

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