One week ago I was sitting in a room in Atlanta with 20 other people. I can’t explain what happened last week. Looking back it was an amazing time. But at the time, I thought it sucked. I was SO uncomfortable. I wanted to cry just because of my nerves. Three girls that I had been following social medially (if that is a word) and had up on a pedestal all this time just walked in the room and I was about to spend the rest of the day with them! I was beyond nervous and excited. THEN one of them had to sit right next to me. You know who you are. You made me SO nervous. I came ready to bare my soul but not with you sitting next to me!

I started off crying during my introduction which was mortifying and also sucked because I’m not one of those people who can cry and talk at the same time so the only thing I was able to get out was “My name is Dana Laymon and”. Everyone had incredible stories going around the room and all they knew about me was my name. But as the day went out, I faced my fears, I wrote them down, and I made action steps to work towards my dreams. I pretty much cried throughout the day because everyone’s stories and words were so incredible. I also felt so insignificant compared to everyone there. Most of them had successful businesses. Most of them could articulate, not even well, but beautifully, what was in their heart. Most of them could speak without crying. Well….that’s not true. Was I ready to be here? Was I prepared for this? I wasn’t ready to be this honest and open with a bunch of strangers. Why did I think this would be so easy? Why did I think this would be fun?

Making Things Happen was why everyone was in that hotel room last week in Atlanta. It’s an amazing time where you really get to sit down and focus on where you want to be and what it’s going to take to get there. Lara, Emily, and Gina led this incredible journey. I made 20 new friends and cheerleaders that day along with many others who are Making Things Happen alumni. They remind me everyday what I learned in that room.

But everyday after that day, I’ve been reaping the benefits from MTH. I can’t even explain how those short 9 hours are still motivating me as much as that first day. What I know is that life is too short. My priorities are in order. I know what I want my life to be about. And I know I don’t want to waste it. Is my business where I want it to be? No. But am I ok with that now? Yes. I know that God’s timing is God’s timing and there’s nothing I can do in my power to change that. So why not enjoy where He has me now? Instead of wasting it wishing and hoping for what I want? (sitting on the couch mind you) Why should He bless me if I’m not being obedient, loving where He has me now, and giving everything in my life 100%? You can do anything you want and I’m sorry if your parents didn’t teach you that but I’m telling you now. Make your life what you want it to be. Oh yeah, and stop spending so much time on Facebook and Twitter. Real life > Facebook. Thank you to all the amazing people who sat in that room with me and continue to encourage me everyday. I’m so glad I took the leap and went! Let’s Make. Things. Happen!


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