I love music! Just in case you didn’t know. I’m obsessed at times. I love this list that The Knot put out of 10 Best Wedding Songs for 2010. I love music that is original and thought this was a great list to get your ideas flowing about music for your reception or even ceremony. I walked down the aisle to a guitar solo of “More than Words” so you can use anything you heart desires when it comes to music. The playlist takes you from cocktail hour to dancing on the dance floor at the reception. Although some of the songs on the list are not my taste to play at a wedding, I still like the fact that you wouldn’t hear them at your average wedding. Also searching through the site, there are some helpful lists of songs by category to browse through: Wedding Music.

Maybe when I can get some free time I’ll post my favorite list of wedding songs! But for now, I’ll leave you with this….enjoy!

Wedding Songs: Best Wedding Songs of 2010