While following some of my favorite wedding design blogs, I’ve noticed a new trend popping up in wedding decor. The succulent plant has shown up on the wedding scene and can be used for an array of ideas. Such as:

  • Center pieces
  • Hair accessory
  • Boutonniere
  • Bouquet
  • Decor on napkins
  • Decor on cake
  • Favors

A succulent is a water-retaining plant adapted to arid climate or soil conditions. They store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. Aloe would be an example of a succulent.

A pro for using succulents in a wedding is you can create your florals days ahead of time and they’ll stay fresh since they don’t need to be watered and won’t wilt. So if you’re a DIY bride, this is a geat cost-effective way to create much of your wedding decor. And if individually potted on the table for center pieces, guests could also take them home as favors. I am such a visual person, so rather than explaining all the ideas to you I’d rather just show you!


succulents 8

succulent 5

succulent 7

succulent 4

succulent 3

succulent 1

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