So I have a few small obsessions lately. The other day you learned about my love for Britt’s donuts. That, I do not hide. My other one lately has been inspiration boards. And the internet has made this too terribly easy. Which just means I spend more time doing it. So I’m warning you now: These can be addicting. I’m not responsible for the amount of time you end up spending on these sites!

Two really great sites for creating inspiration boards are Pinterest and Style Circle (by Style Me Pretty). Pinterest allows you to “pin” pictures from anywhere on the internet and use them or anything others have “pinned” to create your inspiration board. You need to sign up to be invited but you should get an email to join rather soon. You can see the boards I’ve created and follow other people and the boards they’re creating. You can create a board for your ceremony or reception or for the colors and fashion of your wedding. I know for me this would have been really helpful in planning a wedding. I even use it for baby or wedding showers that I’m involved in planning (more baby than wedding showers lately, eeks!). The Style Circle allows you to create boards from any images that have been featured on Style Me Pretty or you can upload any of your own images. It’s also fun to browse through other inspiration boards as well as look for boards by key words.

For me, inspiration is a source of motivation and some days I don’t function very well without it. I like the idea of keeping an inspiration board of your favorite pictures and posting it somewhere where you can easily see it and be reminded of the things you love. Happy Pinning!

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