You may recall me saying that I was going to tell you about where you could buy all the cute baby props I was using. Well today is the day! My good friend, Stephanie Lauf, has just opened up her Etsy store, Southern Charm Design, and is now in business! She is so talented. I mean, you say the word and the next day it’s made. So if you’re looking for the cutest Christmas gift ever, this is a great place to start. She has the items you see available in her store as well as custom made items and special requests. Photographers, this is a great place for props for your shoots, especially for this upcoming winter. She can make things in all different sizes. For instance, I’m in love with the baby aviator hat so I’m having her make one for me in, well, let’s just say a larger size. Stay tuned for the rest of the Babson family shoot tomorrow to see more of these knitted items in action. I guarantee you won’t be able to resist them when you see little Edie sporting these cute hats. Even if you know someone having a baby, these knits make great baby gifts- the proof is right here!

It’s not too soon to start thinking Christmas gifts, even though I hate to think about it myself.  To make this season easier on you, I’m thinking about a certain surprise, dealing with a certain Etsy store, on a certain blog, when I return from my trip. Just have to stay tuned!

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