I want this book! It sounds so inspirational! Etsy has done an article on Jacqueline Tobin, author of Wedding Photography Unveiled. She recently collaborated with the top 20 photographers around the country to write her first book (Wedding Photography Unveiled).

“It was important for me to write this book because the industry has changed so much over the years, going from staid and stoic poses to purely candid photojournalist shots to a current, and much sought after, mix of photographic styles and approaches, including fashion-forward looks, lifestyle and editorial feels, and fine-art touches. Wedding photography has never looked better!” – Jacqueline Tobin

In the article she answers questions like:
1. When is a good time to start looking for a photographer?
2. Where does one look?
3. How is it possible to tell the caliber of a photographer? What should I ask to
4. Is it my responsibility to do anything for the photographer while the
wedding/reception is taking place?
5. How long after the wedding does it typically take before I get my photos?
6. How do I go about breaking into the business?
7. How does wedding photography differ from other kinds of photography?
8. What are some of the tricks of the trade? Are there any special tools?
9. How can I prepare for the unexpected?

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