So I’ve been a little overdue on a Hump Day Help post so what better time to create one than now! I’m a little obsessed with Etsy in case you didn’t know. I wish I could get married all over again just to be able buy and use the unique and personalized items on Etsy! Items from invitations to jewelry to dresses to wedding party gifts and decorations. I’m just going to showcase a few items I think are amazing and would be hard to find anywhere else. Everyone’s goal these days is to be unique and different so buying handmade is a perfect way to achieve that goal. You can click on the store name to see where to buy the product.

of course to start off with, you’ll need to send these out 🙂

{AllieRuth’s} Ring Book, so cool and how different!
really just love that whole shop! there’s inviations and place settings and more.

i love inviations and paper and stationary. this one was hard to decide on…

ha so i picked 2!

{EdenInvitations}real lavender on your invite. and letterpress..what’s not to love?

i love a cool guestbook. i don’t know why, no one ever looks at them later. but they sure are pretty!

a little sparkle never hurt anyone.

so cute! 3 for only $12 & free shipping!



cute wedding party gifts. sorry i’m not looking at the price in case i seem like a big spender.



didn’t have a need for one of these but wish i did!

jewelry, must have.



and last but not least…



and then it will be time to send out thank you cards!

Here is the wedding section of Etsy.