What I love about boudoir is that I get to let women feel good about their bodies and feel completely pretty and ok with who they are for a day. And not only that, but be able to bring a spark into a marriage. I haven’t had one guy receive his album and not say that it was the best gift he has ever gotten. Not everyone is comfortable doing a boudoir shoot and each person has their own reasons, but it hurts my heart when I hear “I’ll do it when I lose five more pounds” or “get tan” or do “this” or change “that”. As women, we’re completely bombarded with media of how we’re supposed to look and of bodies we’ll never be able to live up to. No wonder we don’t feel good about ourselves or think we’re not good enough. From what I can figure, your husband married you because he loves you. Am i wrong? Why do women feel like they have to change something about themselves? Where did we learn this way of thinking? Is something in your life telling you this? Where did you get these lies that you’re not good enough?
Something that I started a long time ago was to cut out the negative media that was influencing my thoughts about myself that weren’t true and led me to compare myself to others. I don’t read fashion magazines, I try (keyword try) not to watch shows that will encourage me to start comparing myself to the women on those shows, and I definitely don’t read/watch news about celebrities. As fun and fascinating as it is to look at these images, women will never not compare themselves to these “perfect” women. You can tell yourself day and night that these things don’t have an effect on you but I bet I have a lot less negative thoughts about myself than someone who has these negative influences in their life. I just want you to consider the benefits that this type of stuff is bringing into your life. Do the pros out way the cons? And basically you’re wasting your precious time on something that isn’t adding value to your life.
I have had women of all different body types do a boudoir session with me and it amazes me that, even the women with the most perfect bodies, have hangups just like everyone else. We’re all in the same boat. We just need to learn to love what God gave us and be thankful for it. You can be in control of how you feel about yourself believe it or not! Control the negative media that you allow into your life. Cut out the toxic people or things on Facebook and Twitter, cancel the magazine subscriptions, stop reading celebrity internet news sites, and control what you watch on tv. And this will be a shocker to some of you, but control what you put in your mouth along with your workout routine. Take baby steps. Progress not perfection. I’m not a fan of “diets” but I am a fan of treating your body good and taking care of it. Then, maybe one day, you’ll be one of those girls who loves that her husband loves her body, knows his thoughts are the only ones that matter, and finally feel comfortable to even do something like a boudoir shoot. It’s always been a win-win for me because the woman has this day where she feels like a million dollars, might actually have a moment where she likes her body, and her husband receives this amazing gift that is about him and that their wife went out of her way to do for him. I could go on and on about it but my main point, in reflecting back over my recent sessions, is that I want women, even if it’s just one, to start controlling this influence in their life instead of letting it control them. I encourage you to begin to try to see yourself differently. Start somewhere. Take control. And hopefully the end result will be love.
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