dadI took this picture when I was obsessed with working in the darkroom and producing my own pictures. Remember film? Yep, that’s all I used not too long ago. I love this picture because it depicts by dad in his element and doing what he loves best. Man with his dog. Hanging out at the beach, fishing off the dock, Max waiting for a us to let him play with a fish we caught. It’s a sweet memory to me. My dad is probably the hardest working man I know and he definitely instilled a work ethic in me (and the entrepreneur bug!). So I enjoy when we get to spend time together as a family and relax, especially at our favorite place.

My dad has never done anything but encouraged us in whatever it was we were persuing. Only wanted the best for us. And still does. Dad, thank you for all that you do for us! I love you more than you know. Now go relax! It’s Father’s Day!

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