I got to spend yesterday photographing a wonderful family that I love in Greenfield Park, one of my favorite places to shoot. There’s so many amazing nooks and crannies in this park to take pictures and all of them are beautiful. It’s so hard to decide where to go. As I was waiting for baby Claire’s outfit change, I spotted this tree that was just about done blooming with one single flower left on it. I quickly made my way down there to see if it was as perfect as it looked from the distance. It was even better because as I got up to it and realized how much higher it actually was from me, I could see the amazing sunlight behind it. This image just felt appropriate for Earth Day today. But things like this in nature remind me just how good God is and how perfect He’s made everything. Especially with thoughts like if He’s going to take care of this flower and make sure it has everything it needs to bloom, then of course He’s going to do the same, if not more, for me! So why should I even worry? I should only take comfort in that. I hope everyone gets to go outside today and enjoy the creation that He has given us and marvel at something beautiful He’s created. I know it does my heart good. 

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