If someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer, I usually just respond with “Google it!”. Without fail I will find the answer I need on the internet. I am the master of learning how to Google questions and getting a fast answer. I have taught myself so much on the internet and part of me blames my memory loss on Google, but the rest of me thanks it for knowing the answers to my many crazy questions. I’m going to start making posts of answers for the silly things I Google, because if I have this question at some point (and usually more than once) then one of you will find it helpful!

Today I needed to find out how to make a document I had in all uppercase change to all lowercase without having to retype everything.

  1. Highlight the text you need to change in your document.
  2. In Word 2010, on the Home tab, click on the “Aa” symbol in the font section. This will give you the options of changing the case of your text!
Then select the option you need from the drop down. Viola!
On a Mac (Pages):
To make capitals, lowercase, go to Format  >  Font  >  Capitalization  > All Caps
To make lowercase, capitals, go to Format  >  Font  >  Capitalization  > None
Hope this helps 🙂
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