Social media is quite an amazing thing (even though I hate it at the same time). A local radio station, 102.7 GNI, has had a wedding giveaway for the past 2 years and is doing their GNI’m Getting Married giveaway again this year! One of the marketing directors saw my work on Facebook through a mutual friend and asked me to be a part of it! I’m thrilled to be offering full day wedding coverage as a part of their big wedding giveaway this year! They’ll be advertising it on the radio and online and taking registration to win twice daily. And one bride will win her entire wedding on October 25th when they’ll pick the winner! So if you’re getting married in 2015, be sure to listen and call in when you hear the wedding commercial and you will be registered to win. It never gets old hearing your name on the radio- let me know if you hear it! And I’m excited to see who wins!