I’m so excited to finally have time to do another giveaway! This one comes from LeftBeachFotos. I live near the beach so why didn’t I think of this idea!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am an ambitious 30 year old Southern California native. I am at my best when I am challenged and using my creativity. I have always been drawn to the beauty of the ocean, I feel at peace whenever I am on a beach and I enjoy photography.

What do you like about where you live?
I live a block from the beach in a small beach town outside of Los Angeles called Hermosa Beach. I love being able to walk across the street to a beautiful, wide open beach. And it’s super convenient with the work that I do; I can just look out my living room window and see if it’s a good photo taking day.

What is the wedding industry like where you live?
There are many weddings along the coast where I live and because of the year round pleasant weather, there are a lot of outdoor weddings. Many of the brides that I have had as customers have gone a relatively non traditional route with their weddings.

How did you start to sell on Etsy?
I made a Sand Impression for one of my best friend’s wedding gift. A few people approached me at the wedding and asked if I would make them one. At the time, I was obsessed with shopping on Etsy and figured it couldn’t hurt to list a few photographs. After a few months, I received some nice feedback so I decided to concentrate on building my shop and focus on this as a business.

Where can we find you? blog? website?
You can find me at http://www.sandimpressions.com, on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/leftbeachfotos and on twitter at www.twitter.com/leftbeachfotos.

Describe your style?
My style is simple, clean and fresh with a creative splash.

What gives you inspiration?
Living life inspires me. I am determined to be happy and at peace with the life that I live.

Any advice to brides either as a vendor and/or having been a bride yourself?
I haven’t been a bride (yet!) but I would encourage brides to be creative and think out of the box. ANd to remember that not everything will be perfect, so let the little things go.

And LeftBeachFotos is so kind to be giving away a free personalized message in the sand image!

Giveaway Details:

Contest ends Sunday, Sept. 19th 12:00 midnight US EST

One winner chosen at random

Maximum of 3 entries per person

How to Enter:
1. Leave a comment on this blog with what you would want your words in the sand to say.

2. Post about me or LeftBeachFotos on Facebook or Twitter.

3. “Like” me or LeftBeachFotos on Facebook.

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