I’m very excited for this next giveaway. I love everything wedding and especially deisgn so this is a great combination! PLUS I’m in the mood for fall since it’s gotten a little cooler here in NC. InspiraDesigns has an amazing Etsy shop and is sponsoring today’s giveaway!

A bit about InspiraDesigns.
I am a stay at home mom to an amazing 8 month old little girl. My boyfriend and I are saving up so we can get engaged. I am sensitive, creative, thoughtful, and easy going. I love spending my time designing, and with my family.

A bit about where you live.
We live in Camarillo, CA. It is 10 min. from the beach and about 1 hour to LA and a little more to Santa Barbara. The laid back culture here is very artist & friendly. The weather here is amazing. I could literally go to the mountains, the dessert, and the beach in the same day.

What is the wedding industry like where you live?
GREAT! But very expensive. I have been looking into being a vendor in some bridal shows this spring, and the fees are super high. Southern CA can be a bit overpriced for everything.

How did you start on ETSY?
I originally had a knit shop, and started to do some graphics. This summer we had 3 weddings to go to, and I created my silhouette posters. They were such a hit. I then started doing canvases, and found myself doing invitations and maps within a week.

What gives you inspiration?
EVERYTHING. It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. I’ll walk by a sign, and love the text layout, or see a flower and have to photograph it for a new design. A lot of my inspiration though comes from my brides. My favorite designs are ones that a bride has meticulously decided on and come to me to bring to life. Its a great feeling to do that.

Describe Your style.
Wow that’s a tough one. I am pretty versatile. If I had to describe it, vintage, modern, kitschy, romantic, unique would be it.

Any advice to brides whether as a vendor and/or having been a bride yourself?
Before starting anything, put together your own inspiration board or book. This will assist you in explaining to vendors the feel, and ideas behind your BIG day.

Where can we find you?
My blog which will soon feature inspiration boards, and etsy products daily along with updates on my designs, and hopefully some giveaways of our own, can be found at
http://inspiradesigns.blogspot.com/and on Facebook.

Our etsy store is found at http://inspiradesigns.etsy.com/.

InpiraDesigns is graciously giveing away 100 placecards AND a custom map design for your wedding!

The design and color scheme above is probably my favorite. I’m so ready for fall!

And a map to boot?! This is great for out-of-town guests and to have a momento of the town.

(printing of the maps not included)

Giveaway Details:

Contest ends Friday, Oct. 8th 12:00 midnight US EST

One winner chosen at random

Maximum of 3 entries per person

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post about your upcoming wedding.

2. Post about this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter.

3. “Like” me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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