I’m excited for another giveaway. Buds and Blooms is sponsoring this week’s giveaway. She has a beautiful shop and it’s perfect for brides! Read about Corrine and then check out the giveaway below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I think this is the hardest question to answer! What to say? I love history in all it’s forms. I love to travel and I have a deep commitment to social justice. I started Buds and Blooms as a way of supporting the non-profit organization I founded with my fiance and my best friend, called The Afri-Can Connection. We work in the rural north of Ghana, West Africa where we support elementary through to post-secondary education, health, food security, water, sanitation and economic development. I have a million dreams and aspirations for both Afri-Can and Buds and Blooms and one depends on the other.
I have a history degree and an obsession with museums and learning. One day I dream of building a civilization and natural history museum for northern Ghana that will run a wide range of programs and fund reserach on everything from recording local history, music, mythology and traditions to environmental and wildlife conservation. In the meantime I spend all my time sewing and trying to cath up on all my ideas! So many new designs but only so much time in the day to sew! which means if you need something and it’s not on my site; ask me! I can probably make whatever it is you’re looking for.

What do you like about where you live?
I live in an mid-sized university town in Ontario, Canada (and also the city where “Blackberry” has it’s head offices). I like that several think tanks have located here and that they hold interesting public events. I also like having access to the libraries of both the universities where I live. We also have a world famous farmer’s market! Though to be honest, I’m ready to move on to a community with more arts and culture. Specifically, I want more museums!
What is the wedding industry like where you live?
The wedding industry where I live is growing but still limited. Because I live only an hour from a large metropolitan area (Toronto), many brides head there for their needs. There are a few clear leaders within my city (an adorable cake bakery, a scrumptious French Patisserie, a few stellar photographers and two oustanding gown shoppes. The more artisinal services are nonexistant or poorly advertised. I’d like to unite the more unique vendors in my area so couples actually know what options are available to them and help small businesses find more clients.
How did you start to sell on Etsy?
I was introduced to Etsy a few years ago by an artist friend but didn’t consider selling anything here until flower headpieces became more popular. This year I decided I would take the plunge and use Etsy as my platform to sell my accoutrements.
Where can we find you?
My blog and website are under development at the moment but I am on Facebook.
Describe your style.
Describing my style is hard! I have always been stuck between liking the miminalist aesthetic and being drawn to details; it is a hard balance to find. In terms of my design style, I bounce around a lot.
What gives you inspiration?
I am inspired by everything although very drawn to colours, anything that sparkles, and drama. By drama, I mean drama in an artistic or historical sense. Just like my sense of style seems to be caught between polar opposites I am inspired by opposites; soft girly colours and neo-Victorian, Edwardian and Elizabethan fashions to 1920’s Art Deco and the bright colours of 1960’s Mod Fashion. I love doing custom work because then I can be a chameleon!
Any advice to brides either as a vendor and/or having been a bride yourself?
My advice as a vendor would be to ask questions and find a way, if possible, to work with your first choice. I see many custom order requests on Etsy that ask someone to duplicate the work of a small designer at a much discounted rate. I think this is a disservice to everyone involved; especially the bride. Nobody can be a first rate copycat; they can only be first rate version of themselves. So if you see something that you like that is over your budget, take the plunge and contact the vendor. Most of us, whether we’re designers, photographers, caterers etc, would be pleased to work with you to fit your specific needs!

Corrine is graciously giving away a $25 gift certificate to her store, Buds and Blooms.
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