So the blog is taking somewhat of a backseat because I’ve got SO much editing to do but stay tuned because there are some awesome posts on the way. This week I’m feeling particularly reflective and content to be in this never ending editing process because these sessions are looking so amazing. Here are some thoughts I have for this fabulous Friday, even though none of them are related. Hello? Random!

*I LOVE my camera phone. I’m a huge fan of using film and the fact that my phone, something I carry around already, takes really cool film-looking shots has been blowing my mind. I just printed a few out and plan to hang them in our living room. Hopefully when we finish redoing our living room, I’ll be able to show you. AND I really want the iPhone but will have to be happy with what I have for now.

*Project Runway is back on TV and I’m super excited about this and Michael watches it with me thinking I don’t know that he really wants to watch it too.

*My awesome sister, who is a designer at Anne Taylor Loft, sent me some cuuuute clothes and I have never been a bigger fan of Loft! Cute stuff coming out for the Fall so be sure to check it out.

*Pinterest is taking over my life and whoever invented it is a genius. End. Of. Story.

*I talked with the oh-so-nice Emily Ley yesterday on the phone and am pumped for what’s to come and have never been more excited about my business!

*And I have been loving how understanding and helpful my husband has been lately!! You are too good to me and I love you so much!




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