Last week at our church, Church on the Cape, we had a Fish and Loaves fundraiser lunch to raise money for our trip to Haiti in November. It was a huge hit! We were so excited with the turnout and all the support from our church family. Our team going to Haiti served a lunch of fried fish (thanks to Jonathan and his fishing skills!), fresh homeade bread (thanks to the ladies from church), coleslaw, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, and PB&J for the kids. We had so much fun- Haitian music going and smiles all around. The Lord provided in such a big way this weekend. Follow along the day with us below.

yummy homemade bread. this bread was amazing- all of it. bring on the carbs!

Michelle and Donna making PB&J for the kids.

cutey patooty! that’s a real word

Our fish fryers. Thank you, Jonathan, for catching and donating all of the fish! We couldn’t do it without you!

He looks so innocent….


And Daniel agrees.

Thank you everyone for your support!!!

To see all the pictures from Fishes & Loaves, click here

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