The sweet Guzman family gets together one a year in Oak Island and they invited me to come shoot their family, and as somewhat of a surprise for the matriarch and patriarch of the family. I loved how each individual family matched and yet the group as a whole still matched! They were on the ball. As I headed out of Wilmington, over “the bridge”, it looked like I was heading into the mother of all storms. It was black. But knowing how storms can be so hit and miss in this area, I just trusted that it was not raining where I was going or it would pass by the time I would get there. And pass it did. As I drove into Oak Island, the most beautiful sunlight was happening through the clouds. And it made for the most perfect backdrop for the family pictures. Of course it helped that I was shooting a beautiful family. Can’t wait to do it again!

Can you tell they’re twins?

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