Lord has it been raining here! I didn’t move to Seattle for a reason! But thankfully the rain held off long enough for Jenna and Jeremy to have their engagement session in Southport, NC. They vacation in Oak Island and thought it was appropriate to take some shots around Southport. We did have to duck inside a few times but who minds stopping at a wine shop for some samples? The Silver Coast Winery store is their new favorite hangout so it was highly appropriate that we grabbed some shots inside while we avoided the storms.
I love how down to earth and fun Jenna and Jeremy are. I can’t wait for their wedding in Southport in May! And I find it so interesting that more and more couples that I meet have met online! I don’t know why, it’s just so fascinating to me. Like I want to go to those Match.com mixers to see what it’s all about. If I was single of course. Now who of my friends can I make a profile for?

I love seeing how each couple holds hands. Everyone has their own special way.

So beautiful, Jenna!

And I have to point this out because I never knew this about Southport, but the street names go together to make a song! First is “Lord St.”, and then “Howe St.”, and then ”I Am St.”, and then “Dry St.” and I think it goes on even more. So I had to take pictures next to “I Am St.”! LOVE!

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