Katy + Jereme are such troopers. They drove all the way from Raleigh to Wilmington for their engagement session and of course it started raining! Those of you who live in the South, know that afternoon thunderstorms are not out of the norm, especially in Eastern NC. It gets so hot and humid that the skies can’t help but to open up and let down the rain. Well not only did it rain, it thundered and lightning’d enough to make me run straight back to the car! Leaving us with just enough light after the storm moved on, we worked to make the most of our time! I always think everything looks more lush and green after it rains anyways! Katy + Jereme met at school in Raleigh. Katy was even Jereme’s teacher at one point and now they work together. Jereme was such a goofball and knew exactly how to make Katy laugh. He actually kept us both laughing throughout the entire session! They will be getting married next April at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh and I can’t wait to work with Becca from C and D Events on their day because I know it’s going to be one fun celebration!

Hair + Makeup//Amy Kennison

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