North Carolina Boudoir

You’re not alone! EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of my clients experiences the same obstacles or fears that you do about doing a boudoir session!

You wouldn’t believe how similar all of my clients are. They don’t know where to start on outfits and they end up bring in amazing things, they say they don’t wear a lot of makeup and they always look gorgeous once we’re finished with them, and they all have the same insecurities and thoughts when it comes to doing a session.

I hear the same things from every client. But I also hear the same thing once they see their images! O.M.G!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that’s me! (rhyming not intentional 😉

  1. I’m not in shape enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, whateverrrrrrr.
    I get ittttttttt. No one just wakes up like Jennifer Anniston and is effortlessly sexy and beautiful, yet effortless, all at the same time. Definitely not moi! Being a woman takes work. And let me tell you- every single images you see of a celebrity takes a team of people. They like to let you think that they just woke up like that, but you have no idea. But lucky for you, we are your team. Not that you need much, I’m sure, but between me and my hair and makeup artist, we’ve got you covered. And can you think of a time that you’ll say, “Look guys, I’m at my ideal weight!”. HA. I don’t think so. You are beautiful the way you are now. It’s kind of like having kids. There’s never a “perfect” time to do it, you just have to take the leap.
  2. I don’t have enough money.
    I hear ya. Lucky for you, I take payments in all different forms and can certainly talk to you about a payment plan. If you plan ahead of time, a lot of my clients stash money away so their significant other is none the wiser and it’s not such a shock to their wallet. Not only is this the most perfect gift, it’s an experience that you won’t regret. You can’t put a price on a confidence and self-esteem boost.
  3. What if I don’t like my pictures?
    I work extra hard at getting the best images you’ve ever seen of yourself. Between my outfit coaching, amazing hair and makeup, and posing you from your eyelashes down to your fingernails, I’m confident that you’ll love your images. And even better, he’ll love them!
  4. I’m uncomfortable in lingerie.
    Hey, me too! I like a lacy bodysuit but I love jeans and a t-shirt. The “sexiness” in your images comes from amazing poses and the confidence you exude – no matter what you’re wearing. During our consultation call, we’ll discuss your style and outfits you like. Based on that, I’ll give you suggestions on what I think would be good options for you. If you love them and feel good in them, then it’s going to show in your images.
  5. I don’t know how to pose.
    Good! That’s my job! That’s why you pay me the big bucks 😉 Literally the day of your session is all about relaxing because you’ll sit and enjoy yourself while your hair and makeup is being done, and then as along as your a good listener and can follow instructions, I guide you through posing during your entire session. I make a game plan based on the outfits you brought and your body type and then show you everything I need you to do. Easy as pie! (and you’ll want some after this workout!)
  6. I want to make sure this is kept private.
    I take the privacy of my clients’ images very seriously. So much so that that’s one of the reasons why I do in-person photo reveals, so your images never have to be online. And only with clients’ permission, do I share images with prospective clients through a password protected gallery or in person.

north carolina boudoir

“Dana was very professional but also extremely polite and compassionate with me. This was my first boudoir shoot so I was extremely nervous and intimidated but Dana was very comforting. It was her confidence in me that made me feel beautiful throughout my shoot! Thank you Dana and I am looking forward to our next shoot!!”
-Mrs. M

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