The third home tour is from yours truly today! I really love decorating for the winter! I have a really hard time decorating for Christmas because I don’t want it to be about the tree or spend money on ornaments which can be stupidly expensive. Literally I won’t buy an ornament over $3 because that’s not where I want my money to go. Thanks to people giving us some ornaments over the years, our tree now has more than just lights. I just don’t want to lose the focus of what this time of year is about and as easily as I get distracted, I don’t want to make it harder for myself. Because this girl can get sucked into shopping if I don’t watch it. I love the look of a cozy, warm cabin so I try to make our home feel warm and cozy as soon as the weather starts getting cold. Which funny enough, wasn’t until this week! I care more about making sure we’re comfortable since we spend a lot more time in the house during this season. We have had crazy warm weather here, but I’m not complaining because I’m not a fan of the cold. The only thing missing is a wood burning fireplace! 

I love this Christmas chalkboard print! This will be the third time you’ve seen it 🙂 Edith made them for us and I love it! SO easy to make. Find out how here!

You may have seen this wreath before! I love it. Deanne made it for me and you find out how to make it here!

Merry Christmas!!!

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