I can’t tell you enough how much this project has filled my heart. These women have gone through so much and they make me feel like I’m someone for doing something so small when they are the strong, amazing ones! Brenda has had breast cancer and endometrial cancer! So much to have gone through in such a short amount of time. She is recovering well and has such a sweet spirit! I enjoyed getting to sit with her as she was getting pampered and listen to her story. I hope I was able to keep her good company as much as she was to me! I love fearless women and she definitely is not easily scared. I’m not altogether sure what I mean by that but I just thought as I was talking to her, “I really wish I can be that confident one day.” For me I always wonder at what age will I finally just be comfortable and confident. After all they’ve been through. I suppose trials like these really make you realize what’s important and who you are. That’s what’s been beautiful to me about these women!
I have some exciting plans coming in the future that have stemmed from this project and I can’t wait to share and get it out there. I also have some more amazing breast cancer shoots to feature in the next few weeks so be sure to check back!

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