I was going to post this next week but working on these pictures… I just couldn’t wait! I gave away the first makeover and photo shoot to a breast cancer survivor this past weekend. It was so much fun! It was a good, girly time! 
Barbara is gorgeous inside and out! Her personality and smile is so infectious. Luckily, Barbara caught her breast cancer early from a mammogram about 2 years ago. She had a successful surgery and has been healthy ever since! This is why it’s so important to get your mammogram! She’ll tell her complete story in the book being put together from all of the sessions. I’ll be recapping each session over the next few months and telling you a little bit from each of their story. Hopefully this will be as inspirational to you as it has been to me.
Every woman’s story is unique and important no matter what stage of breast cancer they had. The point is that it was found and taken care of! I”ll also be featuring some women who have been affected by breast cancer through family members so we can learn from their story and bring awareness to this cause. Not all women are as lucky as Barbara but it’s still important to tell their story. Please continue to pass this along to all the women you know! I’m still looking for more women to photograph, give a makeover, and have them share their story.
And now without further ado…..!

And thank you to my fabulous hair and makeup team! Deanne Labriola for hair from Fringe Salon and Christin Puczylowski for makeup. These ladies will be giving some awesome makeovers to some well deserving women! I couldn’t do any of this without their generosity!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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