Boudoir….it sounds like a scary word. When that word comes out of my mouth, people don’t quite know what to think. And if you know me, you may think I would be the last person to shoot something like boudoir because I’m pretty quiet, modest, and tres conservative (sounds like a good thing to me in a French accent). But when I think about boudoir, I don’t necessarily think of lingerie and scary, intimidating things. I think of what I would want to look like and what would make me feel pretty and that’s to look like…well, Jennifer Anniston….if we’re being honest. She embodies “girl-next-door-sexy-without-even-trying” thing. And don’t we all want to feel like that?

Boudoir is really for everyone because it’s whatever way you want to see yourself, in your best whatever. Best light. Best makeup. Best outfits. I made a Pinterest board of ideas for the girl next door because it’s easier, and less intimating, to see examples of it. And see what that would look like. You don’t have to bring one piece of lingerie to your session. I would almost rather you didn’t even bring it if lingerie isn’t even in your vocabulary. Your session will be that much better when you bring things are true to who you are and what represents you. I feel way more comfortable in a bathing suit than any piece of lingerie and what the heck is the difference, really? I don’t know but there’s a difference. It’s how you feel in it. Here’s to a t-shirt and jeans everyday! And if you know me, you know that’s the truth.

Boudoir is about the confidence you exude, the light that shines through in your eyes, and the way you carry yourself in the outfit, rather than the outfit itself! So here’s to the girl next door, because that’s most of us, rather than the alternative. Don’t let these scary words keep you from doing what you really want to do. So if you’re looking for lingerie alternatives, here are some ideas that¬†look great to me!

boudoir-for-the-girl-next-door-pinterest-photo boudoir-for-the-girl-next-door-pinterest-photo-1


I’d love to hear what’s holding you back from doing a session, if you’ve been thinking about doing one? Leave me a note in the comments!