If this session doesn’t prove that all you need to bring to your boudoir shoot is a chunky sweater than I just need to start over! I love that these sessions can be about the person that you are and your style, and not focused around lingerie, and feeling uncomfortable. It should be fun, it should be relaxing, and it should make you feel good. If lingerie is intimidating to you, then who says you have to wear it? As long as you feel good in a certain item of clothing, then that is going to make all the difference! Part of my job is to bring out that sexy, feminine side of you, no matter what you decide to wear. Just one option, that we used in this shoot, is a body suit. I love body suits because they feel more like a swimsuit and who likes to show off their middle section anyways? And they look just as good as any piece of lingerie! There are so many more images from this shoot that I wish I could show you. I don’t believe in putting images of my clients out into the universe for just anyone who comes along to look at. Therefore, you’ll never see the images you’re probably dying to see out on my website. And even if my clients don’t care about, I care enough about them not to share them. But I’d love to chat with you if you’re interested in booking a session and I’m happy to share what a full session looks like with you. I’m so grateful to all of the vendors that helped me with this shoot! Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check them out!


Model//Chelsey Bishoff
Hair + Makeup//Danielle Forte Makeup
Styling//Drewe Smith
Clothes//Tusc Boutique
Lingerie//Lilies + Lace
Furniture//Zartiques + Threve Interiors