Our dear friends Andy and Stephanie have started the journey of adoption. I am so happy when I can help people with the talents God has given me. We did a photo shoot and created a video to help others get to know Andy and Stephanie. They do a much better job at telling their story so I’ll allow them to tell it.

“We got married in February of 2007 with dreams of one day having a family.  Summer of 2009 we decided it was time to start trying.  Knowing it could take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive we were not too concerned when that first year came and went.  I went to the doctor who suggested trying a little longer…4 more months and no Little Lauf.   We headed in for some testing and when that came back all good and clear for us both we got referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  He reviewed our histories and test result and diagnosed us with Unexplained Infertility.  He set before us a treatment plan and reassured us we were not alone in this fight (1 in 6 couples suffers from infertility), we left overwhelmed and unsure of what we should do. How hard do we try and to what extent?
We took a few months to pray, research and seek wise counsel.  Finally August of 2011 we went for it.  Low and behold our first treatment worked…we were pregnant!!  We went in for our first ultrasound at 7 weeks, what a rush.  I could not decide if I was nauseous from morning sickness or excitement.  The excitement was short lived however as we found out the baby was measuring small and only had a faint heartbeat.  A follow up ultrasound was scheduled for the next week to check progress.  A week later the ultrasound showed no heartbeat…the baby was gone.  It was the hardest thing either of us had been through.  We had great support and encouragement from family and friends, prayer warriors and hug givers.  Most importantly we had knowledge that God was in control of our family, that our little one was in heaven with Him and that He is sufficient to get us through each day. 

We took some time off to heal both my body and our souls, to grieve our little one and to gain the strength and courage to try again…and try we did. We ended up doing 5 more treatments all unsuccessful.  With each attempt our hope dwindled and it seemed our family was out of reach.  We decided to try one more time.  Our last go was Easter of 2013.  Again no success and Steph was done.  She did not want to put her body through another treatment that was not going to work.  It was time to stop.

We had discussed adopting a few time along the way.  We started the research, had a few places to investigate further but we just needed more time to pray and seek the Lords guidance.  We both knew that we wanted to be parents, we wanted to be sleep deprived from a little one keeping us up, we wanted snuggle times and videos of first steps and to hear the words Mommy and Daddy. I don’t think we can really pinpoint when the decision to jump into adoption happened.  We met with some people who were in the process, talked with a few who had adopted, gathered a large list of questions for some agencies and before we knew it we were sitting in the Children at Heart Adoption office for a meeting. We are really excited to be starting this leg of our journey in starting a family, to help a child in need and experience whatever it is the Lord has in store for us. I feel like this part of the story is incomplete, that I need to keep writing…then I realize its not incomplete its just beginning… 

Thank you to all our supporters. What you are doing for us is beyond anything we could imagine, words cannot express the love and gratitude in our hearts for you!”
You can see their video below and be sure to check out their site Bringing Home Baby Lauf!
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