Boudoir has led me down an incredible road. A positive, encouraging one. Since starting it last year, it has totally captured my heart and makes me want to do it every day. I have met the most amazing women, had the best experiences, and hopefully have given them the best experiences. This has led me into focusing on boudoir even more. And not just boudoir, but glamour as well. For me boudoir is set aside for those wanting to give their husbands, or husbands-to-be, an amazing gift. But I want everyone to be able to have this experience regardless of where they are in life. That’s where glamour comes in. You don’t necessarily want to be photographed in lingerie, so glamour is for those who want to wear something else, anything else! If you want your bridal portrait redone, if you want a couture shoot, a fashion shoot, or just beautiful portraits taken in your favorite top. This can also be a great mother-daughter experience. You can both come for makeovers and have a beautiful portrait made together. Make it a girls’ day! I also will be continuing to give free makeovers and sessions to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, even after I finish the book. Who knows, maybe we’ll make volume 2!

Thus I have created a separate site for boudoir and glamour. And I liked it so much that I decided to revamp Dana Laymon Photography too. I hear the same comments and about the same insecurities from every woman who walks through the door. If I can help alleviate that in some way, help them see how beautiful they are, then I feel like my job is done. It’s so unfair to be constantly comparing yourself to someone in a magazine or on TV. With hair and makeup and photoshop, there’s just never any comparison. Which leads me to want to do a photoshop before and after post one day 🙂 hmmm stay tuned for that.

And to kick this whole thing off, I’ll be having an open house this Saturday, so anyone who’s interested can learn about what sessions are like with me, meet other clients, see the products, and just have some fun! If you’re interested in coming, you can RSVP to the event on Facebook. We’ll be having champagne and dessert, hear from a repeat offender (client), and have some amazing prizes to giveaway at the end (including a session with me!). I can’t explain what it is but I want to do everything I can to change women’s way of thinking. So let’s jump on it and start being good to ourselves! I think I’ll stop here because I could go on forever, so I hope to see you on Saturday!

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