I have some great friends. Great friends who let me use them as models and practice my skillz, yo. I am so thankful for their time and patience as I went longer than I said but I couldn’t help it! These girls are so beautiful! And Audra did a great job on hair and makeup. My goal through photography is to encourage women. I want it to be about the experience and build their self-esteem in some way. Let them see themselves the way that I see them. To combat the influence that media has on women, they need encouragement and love every time they see a magazine or watch tv or see a commercial because everything out there is geared to make women feel bad about themselves- correction- to not feel good enough. And I want my clients to know, “You are enough.” You are. I have to tell myself that too everyday…..sometimes more than once a day. The Lord made us exactly the way He wanted us and the only thing stopping us from doing something or being someone is ourselves.  My clients help me too and the don’t even realize it. Sharing their stories, opening up to me, helping me. Thank you, girls, for spending the day with  me!
Alicia, you health nut! You ARE beautiful! You are at the peak of your health and you should revel in it! I know you strive for more but it’s amazing how much progress you’ve made already and the way you live your life. If I could live 10% if my life like that it I would be in the shape of MY life. I love your smile and your big eyes. I love your smile and how it’s hard for you to stop giggling sometimes. I cant believe we haven’t had any dance parties yet! You are truly an inspiration and Michael and I want to eat healthy like you and Jonathan! I love you guys do it together and we want to live like that too! I WILL photograph you again one day and we’ll go all out next time- you have a session under your belt and now you’re a pro!

Kara, I really relate to the struggles you’ve had in your life and think you’re a strong, amazing woman because of them. I don’t know that I would be as together as you are today. I think you’re way to hard on yourself and should have fun more often! I appreciate your listening ear and know you’re in my life for a reason. And oh yeah, I’d kill for your eyes….and skin, and lips, and hair. I hate that we were neighbors and never really got to experience being neighbors. I also love how motivated you are. I KNOW you’re going to do big things one day. You just need to freakin’ do it already! You’re so talented and once you put your mind to something, you’ll make it happen. I’m excited to see what you end up doing. I’ll take your head shots when you get there 😉

Whitney! I can’t believe your a mom of 2 boys! No one would ever know. I mean, aren’t you 18 or something? 🙂 You, too, are incredibly strong. How you do everything that you do, I’ll never know. I hope these sessions have given you a much deserved break because I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you. I love how your nose scrunches up when you laugh really big. And we all want your hair, I think everyone tells you that. Or a body that bounces back like that after 2 kids. I love your heart for others and how you just give, give, give. 

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