I never regret going to this convention. WPPI is where around 13,000 wedding and portrait photographers get together in Las Vegas to hear from many great speakers in the industry and mix and mingle like there’s no tomorrow. I met some great people this year and learned a lot from speakers like Katelyn James, Jonas Peterson, and Cliff Mautner. It’s intimidating to think that most of the photographers there are doing the EXACT same thing that you are! But it’s so incredible to be in a place where everyone is determined to succeed and share information. I left so motivated and determined to make this year the best and find a way to give my clients the best service possible and be true to myself and my business. I feel so honored to get to do what i want and love everyday! It’s easy to get down or feel defeated seeing how everyone else is succeeding but when it comes down to it – they might be thinking the same thing about you! I found some wonderful products that I can’t wait to launch and share with you. 

I had a great time gallivanting around the strip with Michelle and Jana who are also photographers from NC. Michelle brought her wedding dress with her to Vegas so of course we had to do pictures on the strip! 
I have to give a big shoutout to Chris Jenkins who picked me up from the airport, drove me around, and entertained me on Friday so I didn’t have to spend 14 hours at the airport! She was so nice and helpful and I would have been pretty cranky without her! My mom was also super helpful- we will definitely continue to get a rental car next time and buy lots of groceries because Vegas is Ex-pen-sive!
I’m scared and excited for this year. I haven’t come close to hitting my goal for the year so I ask for your prayers and support in that endeavor. I know the Lord has great plans for us this year so I’m praying that I don’t lose sight of that. So may exciting things in the works and I’m just grateful that I get to do this everyday! I truly believe you can make a living doing what you love! There’s a way – you have to believe you can do it and figure out how to make money from it. I’ve loved encouraging others to start their own business this year. The days of believing you have to sit in an office making money for someone else are over. If you’re happy doing that, then that’s great! But if you have a passion for something else, then find a way to make it possible! I’ll get off my soapbox for now but I’m sure it will come up again 🙂 Can’t wait for WPPI 2015!
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