After spending much time mulling over what it is I want to work on this year (because progress can sometime’s be more important than anything), I have come up with a list of things to focus on. And I have to remind myself that these things will only get accomplished if I constantly remind myself of them and setup action steps or a plan of how I’m going to get there. It daunting to say, “I’m going to publish a book on breast cancer.” If that’s all I ever saw on my list then I would feel overwhelmed and probably not do it at all. But if I set smaller goals with dates then the odds of me completing it are better. So with my one word Humble and my vision in mind:
-make God and reading the Bible more of a priority. I’m going to have a more dedicated time to read and pray everyday. I want that time to be when I first wake up. (motivation to wake up even earlier so I can do it before Michael gets up). 
-be published in a magazine. i don’t know why but this would make my day and it’s next on the list for me of things I’d like to accomplish in the business. 
-give my clients the best service possible and work on ways to encourage their marriage throughout my contact with them. see if there is anything in my process now that needs to be tweaked
-book 5 more weddings than last year
-go on a trip- mission or vacation
-solidify a marketing plan. have a schedule, set dates, hire professionals to help, etc
-be a supportive wife. take care of the house, fix 3 meals a day, plan dates, etc
-less social media! 
-be present. stop thinking about the next thing i have to do on the list and focus on what’s in front of me whether that be work, family, or friends. practice being still 😉
-take care of my body. health issues, eating, and regular exercise
-start a garden! i’m really excited about this one and hope we can start reaping food from our own garden this year (so glad i married a handy man 🙂
-publish my breast cancer book and start working on launch party (still need about 12 more women to photograph!)
-work on being more content. just ordered the book 7 and I can’t wait to dive in. you can also check out Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge if you want to get involved. I want to practice being more mindful of how I spend our money and work on being content with what we already have
I don’t necessarily have the mindset that these are “2014” goals and they need to be accomplished this year. But I do think it’s important to set a date and set real action step to moving towards what it is you want to accomplish. A year is usually a good timeframe but some lofty goals can take a long time to reach and need to be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals (oh lord, my HR background is haunting me right now). I’d love to hear what some of your goals are for this year! Happy New Year!

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