I don’t normally blog on Fridays but I have a pretty good reason to post today because today happens to be our 10 year wedding anniversary! Wow, how has it been 10 years already?! I don’t think I’ve ever shared our wedding so I thought today would be a good day to do that. Everyone thought we were crazy for getting engaged so fast but we knew it was right! We actually met at the Raleigh airport on the way to a mission trip to Mexico – how we didn’t meet before that I’ll never know! We remained friends throughout the next couple of years and then slowly began spending more time together. We both felt like the Lord was leading us into a more serious relationship so we began dating my junior year of college. And just a few months later, I was studying abroad in France when Michael flew over to surprise me and propose on my last day there! Of course I said “Yes!”. It seems like such a lifetime ago yet it seems like just yesterday. Our wedding was the most fun I’ve ever had in one day and I loved that all of our family and friends were able to share that with us. I couldn’t image having spent these last 10 years with anyone else. We’re as opposite as can be but it works. You love me the best you can and I support and respect you as much as I can. You calm me down when I need it most, keep me from always jumping head first, and always let me know how much I’ve loved and I push you out of your shell, encourage you to go for your dreams and laugh at all of your jokes. Whatever life might have in store for us, I know I can get through it with you by my side. Here’s to 10 million more years with you!

Images//Tracy Turpen